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Carnival Kids

Carnival kids was established in 2012 at the lake umuzi waterfront in secunda,we are a multi cultural school where our main language is english and afrikaans,we educate children from a early age to respect others cultures and values in order to function succesfully together in our country.

We educate from a "day by day"program wich is one of the best pre school programs on the market,this progam is designed to give insight on themes,concepts and skills,it also give a wide range of activities where assesments will be done on their progress.Our "day by day" make enough provision for choice and individual preferenses of children,our teachers observe the problem areas in class and playrooms and act suitable to rectify the problems.

Our children have the biggest indoor playground in Africa where children can work every mussle in their bodies,this playground is one of the better educating tools with all the different levels of sliding,jumping,running,walking,climbing and all other skills that is nesesary for young children,Carnival square is a cost free zone for children who are students at Carnival kids. We have a teacher and a assistent for every class and we also allow a maximum of 25 children per class,this is important for our school that we can give full attention to every child to go through our educational program.

Our school times:

Monday to friday;06h30-17h30(full day) 06h30-13h00(half day) information;

Carnival kids office;(017)6315449 @ Lake umuzi Waterfront Secunda Principal;

Linda Olivier(contact office) Hannelie Louw 072 531 2925

Natie Louw 072 124 9453 website;

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